Asus Transformer AIO in trouble because women are attractive


Computer maker Asus tweeted out the following comment and picture at Computex 2012. Showing a behind shot of their new ‘Transformer AIO‘ (Click link to read about the actual product) and an attractive woman. Here’s the picture and Tweet.

yes, yes it does.

There is not one false statement in that tweet. Both the unit on the table, and the unit in the dress look good from behind! But oh no that’s sexist! When is it sexist to say that a person (in this case a woman) is attractive? Ads on TV and in print show women fawning over well built men.

I’m outraged that the woman at Burger King wants David Beckham to take his shirt off! All men boycott Burger King because they are treating David Beckham like a piece of meat! For shame Burger King!

But no, because Asus tweeted a picture of a product with a ‘booth babe’ displaying it ,(Yes they are really called Booth Babes.) and made  mention that she had a nice ass. Which ok…

it’s nice, not great, but nice

Now the women who are easily offended come out of the woodwork and say “Hey Asus don’t you want women customers.”

Here’s some examples of the twitter outrage:

From Leigh Honeywell: “Hey Asus, do you not want women as customers or something? Not cool.”

Pwang added, “Wow, ASUS poignantly shows why tech is an uphill battle for women.”

Anil Dash posed, “How sexist is tech?”

Here are my replies:

“Hey Leigh, no they don’t because then men will have to come fix it for you.”

“Pwang, that and the fact that women keep breaking their nails on the keyboard.”

“Well, Anil, considering EVERY tech type convention has ‘booth babes’ they know their target audience.”

But now I’m an ass for pointing these things out. It’s fine for women to say a man should get undressed in a burger commercial. But say a ‘booth babe’ has a nice ass and now we have a problem!

The woman is that picture was hired for one thing… To be in that picture! She’s there as eye candy. To attract customers. The same way any man sitting on a large stack of money is there to attract any woman.

Because we all know this woman is in the relationship for love.

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